There are many ways to define growth and development as a team, GotSoccer rankings is just one of them. FSC would like to congratulate the following teams for finishing the spring season ranked in the top 25 in Maryland for their age group.
  • GU12 – Crush (HC-Marr) #24
  • GU14 – Extreme ((HC-Goff) #24
  • GU15 – Xplosions (HC-Prietz) #18
  • GU17 – Firestorm (HC-Boussy) #8
  • GU19 – Blast (HC-Johnson) #16
  • BU14 – Storm (HC-McCormick) #8
Special acknowledgement to BU17 Flash Red/Flash White, head coach Ed Devincent, for placing two teams in the top 25!
  • Flash Red – #6
  • Flash White – #13

Way to go players and coaches on these outstanding results!


“Development over results” is a philosophy we strive to follow at Freedom Soccer Club.  For a coaches and players, this can be challenging when faced with the expectations of parents that often times want to focus on winning above all.  These expectations from parents (and yes, sometimes coaches), of winning and being perfect can oftentimes create players who play to avoid mistakes rather than players who take chances and learn through their mistakes playing the game.

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As we work our way into summer, here are some important tips to proactively protect our children from heat related illness.

Last night FSC gave our “Graduating” coaches a huge thank-you from the club. Erik Johnson and Mark Milewski both coached their kids (Erik – Grace and Mark – Owen) from u8 to u18 and both are great examples of what the Freedom model of coaching looks like. Erik achieved a top-10 gotsoccer ranking and will be sending 4 players to play soccer in college, one to play lax, and one to swim. This is what Freedom Soccer Club is all about and exemplifies the FSC way.

FSC Director of Coaching Brian Boussey presents Erik Johnson (L) and Mark Milewski (R) with a gift of thanks.

FSC President Dave McCormick presents Erik Johnson (back) and Mark Milewski (front) with a gift of thanks.