Freedom Soccer Club is happy to announce a sponsorship agreement with Dick’s Sporting Goods.

At DICK’S Sporting Goods and the DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation, we believe Sports Matter because participation in sports makes people better. Sports increase confidence and motivate kids to stay in the classroom and aim for higher education. They help build character and teach life lessons that extend well beyond the playing field. That’s why we’ve made it the mission of our Sports Matter programs to give your athletes the opportunity to play.

Through this sponsorship, FSC will be able to offer our membership savings on their sporting good needs via several e-coupons throughout the year.  Additionally, there will be an FSC shopping event July 30-August 2 during which FSC members will be able to save 20% off of all in-store purchases at either the Westminster or Ellicott City locations.  More information on this shopping event will be forthcoming as the date approaches.